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Web Hosting

Looking for super fast web hosting? Take a look at our package prices below. If you need to upgrade later our packages are flexible so choose what is right for you.


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A list of Features

Small Bundle

Ideal for new businesses

Medium Bundle

Ideal for medium sized websites.

Large Bundle

Ideal for demanding websites.
Price £11.98 Per Month £15.98 Per Month £18.98 Per Month
FREE SSL Certificate Yes Yes Yes
FREE £75 Google Adwords Voucher Yes Yes Yes
Platform Linux (CentOS) Linux (CentOS) Linux (CentOS)
Diskspace 5GB 10GB 15GB
Monthly Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Control Panel CPanel CPanel CPanel
Mailboxes (Email Addresses) 15 30 Unlimited
FTP Accounts 15 30 Unlimited
MYSQL Databases 15 30 Unlimited
Sub Domains 15 30 Unlimited
Addon Domains 5 15 15
Parked Domains 5 15 15
1 Month FREE 1 Month FREE 1 Month FREE
PHP 5.6+ Yes Yes Yes
MYSQL 5.5+ Yes Yes Yes
PHPMyAdmin Yes Yes Yes
Directory Protection Yes Yes Yes
Backup Wizard Yes Yes Yes
Web Disk Yes Yes Yes
FTP Session Control Yes Yes Yes
Image Manager Yes Yes Yes
Simple DNS Zone Editor Yes Yes Yes
Advanced DNS Zone Editor Yes Yes Yes
Custom/Private Name Servers Yes Yes Yes
MYSQL Database Wizard Yes Yes Yes
Remote MYSQL Support Yes Yes Yes
1 Month FREE 1 Month FREE 1 Month FREE
Webmail Interface Yes Yes Yes
Email Forwarders Yes Yes Yes
Autoresponders Yes Yes Yes
Mailing Lists Yes Yes Yes
iPhone & Android Support Yes Yes Yes
Microsoft Office Support Yes Yes Yes
IMAP/POP3/SMTP Support Yes Yes Yes
1 Month FREE 1 Month FREE 1 Month FREE
FREE Daily Backups (Upto 7 Days) Yes Yes Yes
DDOS Protection Yes Yes Yes
IP Blocker (Firewall Level) Yes Yes Yes
SSL/TLS Support Yes Yes Yes
Leech Protection Yes Yes Yes
Hotlink Protection Yes Yes Yes
Mod Security Yes Yes Yes
Spam Protection Yes Yes Yes
Anti-Virus and Exploit Scanning Yes Yes Yes
Ioncube Support Yes Yes Yes
Zend Support Yes Yes Yes
SourceGuardian Support Yes Yes Yes
Custom Error Pages Yes Yes Yes
Schedule Cron Jobs Yes Yes Yes
Custom/Private DNS Servers Yes Yes Yes
1 Month FREE 1 Month FREE 1 Month FREE

CPanel / WHM Industry Standard Control Panel

The industries most stable and realiable web hosting control panel available on the internet today with years of experience since 1997

CPanel / WHM Industry Standard Control Panel

Build a professional website with CPanel

CPanel allows website owners to take full control of their website and files anywhere in the world. CPanel allows you to configure settings such as Mailboxes, FTP Accounts, MYSQL Databases and more!

  • White Labeled Hosting (No Branding, Footer Links or Advertising)
  • FREE Custom/Private DNS Servers e.g (ns1.yourdomain.co.uk)
  • FREE Daily Backups (Upto 7 Days)
  • Manage MySQL Databases & Users
  • Access to Website Statistics & Logs

FREE Unbeatable Phone & Ticket Support

Just like us, you have a business to run and it’s important to us your online 365 days a year.

Flexible Packages

Flexible Packages

No matter what size website or application you have in mind we have the right package for you to expand later if you need to.

Firewalled Servers

Firewalled Servers

We have added an extra layer of protection to our network to keep the bad guys out and the good guys in.

UK Phone and Ticket Support

UK Customer Support

All packages come bundled with FREE UK Phone and Ticket Support.

Latest Software

The Latest Technology

We use the latest software and hardware techology making sure your never in the dark from Apache, PHP and MYSQL updates on the go.

Advanced Protection and Backups

We have setup advanced protection techniques to protect your website against downtime or dataloss and it’s free.

Anti DDOS Protection

Anti DDOS Protection

A DDOS-Attack (Distributed Denial of Service) is where multiple computers send a high volume of network traffic to a server, this results in the machine going down or unable to provide websites or the services it intended to.

Our network has built in Anti-DDOS protection which prevents majority of DDOS attacks and redirects them to a dead-end keeping your services online 24/7 without any interuption.

Brute Force Protection

Brute Force Protection

All packages and services come with Brute Force Protection protecting your web hosting control panel against brute force attacks stopping millicious users gaining access to your product or service. This is FREE.

  • Prevents Password Cracking, Dictionary Attacks
  • Automatically Blacklists IP via Firewall
  • Stops millicious users trying to gain access to your services.
IP Filtering

IP Filtering

IP Filtering allows you to block millicious users from visiting your website, you can block an IP Address at firewall level preventing the user from gaining access or viewing your website.

  • Prevents Spam
  • Stops Malicious Users & Attacks
  • Secures your website
Email Anti-Spam Protection

Email Anti-Spam Protection

All of our servers come with built in email anti-spam protection, we have teamed up with multiple anti-spam companies to filter out that annoying junk mail from multiple countrys around the world!

  • Built in Apache SpamAssassin (User Controllable)
  • Multiple Anti-Spam RBLS, over 1 MILLION blacklisted spammers.
  • Stopping unwanted emails, scams and spam!
Anti-Virus and Exploit Scanning

Anti-Virus and Exploit Scanning

All of our servers are installed with a daily exploit scanner scanning for malicious scripts and services protecting your website against abuse and un-necessary downtime. We provide this FREE unlike most web hosting companys.

  • FREE Protection against Over 3000+ known expoit scripts
  • Automatic Upload Scanning Protection, stopping unwanted scripts on upload!
  • Suspicious file detection, we review all scripts that have been deemed to be suspicious.
Free Daily Backups (Upto 7 Days)

Free Daily Backups (Upto 7 Days)

All packages and services come with daily backups as an extra layer of protection for your website and services.

All backups are stored both on the server and off-site should anything go wrong with the server, if you would a backup restored please contact a member of our team and we would more than happy to do this for you.

To restore a backup please contact our team here.

What’s Inside the box

Take a look at the following screenshots below of the CPanel Control Panel, It’s fantastic!

CPanel WHM Screenshot
Upgrade anytime, No service downtime

Upgrade anytime, No service downtime

If your looking to start small and grow big our reseller web hosting is ideal for you! We can upgrade your account at anytime without affecting you or your customers.

All packages listed above have no upper limits, meaning as you grow we also grow.
Give us a try today and build your very own web hosting company.