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SSL Certificates

All customers are now entitled to a FREE SSL Certificate completely free bundled with any hosting or reseller package and renewed FREE!

SSL Protection

What are SSL Certificates?

If you’re serious about doing business online, SSL is a MUST. It’s the best way to protect user’s data against hackers and malicious software looking to steal it.

Displaying an SSL certificate tells your visitors that they can shop with confidence on your website without the worry of someone trying to steal there data.

FREE SSL Certificate Example

Any data a user inputs into your website is transmitted from the users computer directly to the Website Server unencrypted this data can be seen by anyone.

An SSL Certificate encrypts that data and prevents any unlawful eyes from stealing it.

SSL Certificates are now FREE, from 2016 all existing customers are entitlied to a FREE SSL Certificate which will be automatically renewed yearly at no cost to you.