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Marketing on a Shoestring Top 10

Marketing a business can be a headache and a strain on the wallet but it don’t have to be. Marketing on a budget can pay off in the long run and the internet is a good source for marketing especially if you consider your business to be small.

social media

Social Media

Social media is great for marketing. Depending on the market for the business Facebook is useful for the young persons market but Twitter and Linkedin is a good way to attract the professional industry based market.

Get Creative

Marketing does not have to be boring but thinking outside the box can pay off, so be as creative and crazy as you want but also be realistic at the same time.

Market In The Right Place

The right place in marketing is key so doing the research will evidently save money on advertising if the market is not right.


Regular communication like newsletters is a low cost friendly way allowing customers to sign up and keep up to date.

Make The Most Of The Website

The most valuable asset to a business is the website, as everyone uses the internet making sure the website is easy to navigate and the contact details are correct and for search engine ranking the right SEO is key aswell.


When it come to networking, face to face contact is always better, but it is not about selling directly to every person you meet but for them to get to know you and build on the trust. There are networking meeting you can go to but there is normally a fee but this is a small fortune in what can potentially bring new customers/clients.


Promotions like discounts are a bonus on when luring new customers/clients.

Build Partnerships

Partnerships in business  is a good way on building bigger. Teaming up with other businesses in the same or similar area can become beneficial for each party.

Local Journalist

Making friends with the local journalist what can promote your business in the local newspaper.



Frequent blogging is a great way to keep existing and potentially new customers/clients up to date with everything and anything new like deals and promotions.

We hope you enjoyed the read and found it very useful on marketing in a shoestring.

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